Cask Cartel Delivers San Francisco World Spirits Gold Medal Winner METALLICA BLACKENED Whiskey to Your Doorstep

Cask Cartel Delivers San Francisco World Spirits Gold Medal Winner METALLICA BLACKENED Whiskey to Your Doorstep

Everyone loves a good competition, especially when it comes to discovering and seizing those gold-winning liquors for your personal collection. As the leader in premium online spirits, Cask Cartel keeps a hand on the pulse of award-winning bottles. Don’t miss out on enjoying the San Francisco World Spirits competition gold winner, METALLICA | BLACKENED American Whiskey, thanks to Cask Cartel. With over 5,000 bottles in stock, easy mobile-friendly ordering and quick doorstep delivery, Cask Cartel is your go-to online marketplace. Before you put on your carefully curated Metallica playlist and crack the seal on METALLICA | BLACKENED American Whiskey, find out what makes this a gold-winning liquor.

There’s a reason why 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition is one of the most influential liquor competitions. Their commitment to spirits follows three founding principles: legacy, integrity and experience. With the 2020 competition hosting over 3,000 different entries, this spirits competition's commitment to quality and legacy is why they remain one of the most prestigious competitions in the United States. The blind tasting process guarantees that every entry is judged fairly, and they are careful when selecting their esteemed judges, choosing the most seasoned experts to be the lucky taste testers. As one of the biggest competitions of its kind, the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition shows consumers what they should be pulling out during their next remote happy hour.

Aged over an average of 8+ years and bottled at 90 proof, METALLICA | BLACKENED American Whiskey is our 2020 San Francisco World Spirits competition Gold Medal Winner. Everyone is looking to get their hands on this whiskey, and for good reason. Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and Metallica came together to craft a very special blend of hand-selected, well-aged bourbons and ryes that are finished in black brandy casks. These selections also incorporate their proprietary BlackNoise™ finishing process. What’s that, you ask? It’s just the most metal way to finish whiskey - each batch is blasted with a unique playlist, all curated by Metallica. These low frequency sound waves force the whiskey deeper into the barrel, plucking out notes of caramel, honey and vanilla flavors from the wood. Be the first in your whiskey club to try Metallica BLACKENED with an order at Cask Cartel.

If METALLICA | BLACKENED American Whiskey has already ended up in your shopping cart (and we don’t blame you!) Cask Cartel keeps your options open and premium with their extensive online selection. If local-made liquors are your forte, you might want to give TX Blended Whiskey a try. Firestone & Robertson Distilling Company packs an extraordinarily complex spectrum of fragrance and flavor into their sharp-looking bottles, complete with the bold letters “TX” on the label. This 82 proof whiskey is a proprietary blend of straight bourbon whiskey matured in ex-bourbon barrels and distilled grain spirit, all sourced from different distilleries, bringing an original and unbeatable flavor to each glass.

Everyone’s looking for the perfect rum to complete their collection, and Bumbu The Original Rum takes a step forward for your consideration. Borrowing from 16th and 17th century 'bumbo' recipes, this rum adds Caribbean spices that will remind you of a delicious rum cake. There are no artificial flavorings and colors, but rather a delicate blend of fresh, all-natural flavors with notes of chocolate, banana, and baking spices like cinnamon. Bottled at 70 Proof, this rum can be enjoyed neat or in a mixed drink.

As the world of spirits grows, so does the ability to sift through labels and brands to find the best selections. Enjoy reading distiller information and discovering award-worthy bottles with Cask Cartel’s easy online shopping experience. No matter where this season takes you, make Cask Cartel your No. 1 source for premium spirits.

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