Brings You Oscar-Worthy Liquors Celebrities Will Be Loving In Their Swag Bags

RSS Brings You Oscar-Worthy Liquors Celebrities Will Be Loving In Their Swag Bags

What Oscar nominee are you most looking forward to seeing this award season? As Hollywood’s most trusted online premium liquor marketplace, is ready to prepare you for the Academy Awards with celebrity top picks. One of the most exciting parts of the Oscars for our favorite celebrities is their swag bags! Don’t miss out, join in on the fun with Cask Cartel’s look into what Hollywood’s biggest names will be taking home from the Oscars! Through online ordering and doorstep delivery, get your top liquor picks on par just in time for your big Oscar viewing party.


Bowling & Burch Gin - The Pre-Show Liquor of Choice

You might find some household name celebrities sipping on a celebrity cocktail filled with Bowling & Burch Gin before their television appearance. Bowling & Burch hails from Steve Beam’s family; a family legacy in high quality spirits. This gin is distilled and bottled at Limestone Branch Distillery and infused with botanicals grown on site. This gin offers a palate filled with bitter oranges, honeysuckle, rosemary and citrus. The finish is overflowing with zesty and spicy tasting notes. This high demand Bowling & Birch Gin makes for the perfect gin for a celebrity to sip on while they get ready for the award show.  Celebrities prepare for this big event months before, and take hours day-of to be red-carpet ready. To ease some of the anticipation, Bowling & Burch Gin presents the perfect gin and tonic cocktail. The herb adds interesting flavors and a spin of creativity, so enjoyable that it’ll put all your must-see stars in an excited mood for the evening. Celebrate alongside your favorite nominees when you shop their liquor favorites through

Ole Smoky Moonshine Pickles - The Celebrity Swag Bag Top Pick

Oscar swag bags might be one of the most FOMO driven parts of the Academy Awards. Much like our own party handouts, freebies make everyone excited. That’s why you’ll want to order some Ole Smoky Moonshine Pickles as your own swag bag-worthy item. This pickle infused moonshine fills your palate with well balanced crunchy pickles bursting with the flavors every pickle-lover craves. The Real Dill Shine is a perfect dill pickle, pickled in Ole Smoky Mountain moonshine and brimming with firm and delicious bites and sips. As celebrities  prepare for the Oscars, they’ll be enjoying this perfect treat. Try enjoying a pickle dill shot or bite into one of these infused pickles when your favorite nominee wins! As Hollywood favorites leave the show and head off to their after parties, this Ole Smoky Moonshine will be in top conversation. Make your own swag bag with, don’t miss your chance to shop other top-Oscar picks today.

Yellowstone Select Bourbon - The Oscar-Winning Celebration Bottle

If you’re a tried and true movie lover, you’ll love Yellowstone Select Bourbon to sip on as you celebrate 2020’s Academy Award winners. This masterful fusion of flavors presents a blend of sweet, spicy and smoky bourbons all-in-one. Enjoy a palate of smoked caramel followed by a smokey oak and brown sugar finish. This blend of three select whiskies join together to create a taste that celebrates its complexity and origin. Yellowstone Select Kentucky Bourbon is perfect to sip while you celebrate your favorite award winners and ponder the celebrities you wish had won. Either way, those same celebrities will be enjoying their own neat pour of Yellowstone Select as they unwind from the event-filled evening. This Yellowstone Bourbon will be your glass filled with its own award-winning flare, a must-have after party beverage. Shop other oscar-ready bottles through

If you’ve been keeping up with this year’s nominations, you must be filled with winning predictions, overlooked choices that weren’t nominated, or feeling like you need to catch up on some movies you haven’t seen yet; keep this year’s award season exciting with a perfect bottle to accompany you. is Hollywood’s favorite online premium liquor store marketplace. Now featured in US Weekly, Men’s Journal and Rolling Stone, Cask Cartel knows a thing or two about how to feel celebrity. Sip on swag bag ready bottles or pre-show and after-party worthy cocktails when you order online at You’ll feel like you're at the Academy Awards with some of Cask Cartel’s top picked bottles.

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