Frisky American Whiskeys for Your 4th of July

Frisky American Whiskeys for Your 4th of July

As America’s favorite summertime holiday approaches, we can all finally take a moment to reflect mid-year and pay homage to our American roots. The 4th of July embodies the essence of the American spirit, simply brave, downright fun and rooted on our beautiful American soil. Like most things American, this holiday will be best spent with loved ones, eating American favorites and most importantly drinking well-earned American spirits. To best embody this holiday, here are three versatile American whiskies that are best served straight: no frills, bells or whistles needed. 


Bird Dog Peach Whiskey

Bird Dog Peach Whiskey is every American’s wish for a bite of a juicy Georgia peach with the strength of a truly Kentucky-made whiskey. The fragrant peach flavors make this whiskey enjoyable just on the rocks as you relax by a nice cold body of water this 4th of July. As any good whiskey should, this 80 proof whiskey packs a punch, easy for simple drinking and no hassle beyond just buying yourself a bottle. Drink this as you hit the lake, set up your picnic and enjoy your whole-hearted American holiday. To make this whiskey the star of any American celebration, simply enjoy it with a splash of your favorite sweet or iced tea. 

To prove just how simple this whiskey is to enjoy, Bird Dog shared their two-ingredient Peach Tea recipe for easy summer sipping.


John Rich - Redneck Riviera 

As all hard-working Americans get to enjoy a holiday celebrating our independence, Redneck Riviera American Blended Whiskey showcases the hard-working love American whiskey gives in every sip by artfully blending two premium whiskies; one brings the sweetness of an oak barrel finish while the other continues to give each drinker smooth caramel tasting notes. Enjoy this American blend like you enjoy most American-made specialities: simply. Once you’ve arrived at your lookout spot for the 4th of July fireworks and mid-day cooling, open this bottle to share with the people you love. Because Redneck Riviera pays proper homage to American mixology, this whiskey is, of course, best enjoyed on the rocks. 


Angel's Envy Rum Cask Finished Rye Whiskey

As the last whiskey listed, rye always does seem to finish best. Angel’s Envy Rum Cask Finished Rye Whiskey is a fun way to enjoy American whiskey for both a bourbon fan, and for anyone looking to enjoy something purely original. This Rye whiskey keeps the Caribbean close through finishing in rum barrels, allowing both sweet rum and oak tasting notes for all kinds of palates to enjoy. This whiskey quite literally steals the show not just because its American roots, but purely American craftsmanship. Enjoy on the rocks with your friends. For a twist, trying sipping this while enjoying a sharp cheddar cheese, cured meats or anything yummy that packs a punch. This whiskey doesn’t make you think too hard; its good with just about anything, or nothing at all. 

If tempted to test the food pairing validity, check out Angel Envy’s Food and Whiskey Pairing Guide and organize your grocery list before you hit the store.


Now that these whiskies have ear-marked themselves for perfect American sipping, the most important part comes next: finding people to share this holiday with. Americans do simple best, and so do these whiskies. And even more importantly, they are all best enjoyed with the people you love in the country we all love.

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