The Ultimate Cask Cartel Gift Guide For National Bourbon Day And Father’s Day

The Ultimate Cask Cartel Gift Guide For National Bourbon Day And Father’s Day

Have you heard the news? Not only is National Bourbon Day right around the corner (June 14th), but Father’s Day is coming up too! What a perfect combo. Now... we love our bourbon, and we know a lot of dads do too. So we wanted to take this opportunity to show off some of our best-selling bottles. Trust us, these bottles will make a great gift for pops (or hey - a great bottle to add to your home bar). Cheers! 

Horse Soldier Straight Bourbon

This wheated bourbon spends a total of 8 years in new, charred American oak barrels to slowly develop its distinctive flavor profile. Each sip conveys a rich nose of musty oak, sweet corn, sugar cookie and vanilla cream notes, paving the way for an oak-driven palate supported by white pepper, oxtail candy, vanilla caramel, corked wine, and cookie dough. 

Serving Recommendation: 

We recommend this one straight. Didn’t you just read the tasting notes? 

Merica Bourbon

This American-made bourbon offers you an aroma of caramel and vanilla, with additional, slightly smoky undertones, along with flavours of caramel and vanilla.

Serving Recommendation: 

Maple Bourbon Smash


2 oz Merica Bourbon

1/4 lemon, sliced into 2 wedges

5 large mint leaves

1 oz maple syrup

Soda water, for serving

Crushed ice, for serving


Place the lemon wedges and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker. Muddle 4 to 5 times to extract flavor. Add the bourbon and maple syrup and fill the shaker with ice. If desired, add a splash of soda water. Shake until cold and strain into a glass. Serve with crushed ice.

Recipe from A Couple Cooks

Angel's Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon

This golden amber spirit is finished in Port barrels, which explains those juicy red-fruit notes that slide into the long finish. Enjoy hints of dark chocolate and caramelized fruit, with just a touch of cherry on the nose, along with taste notes of cinnamon and a touch of vanilla.

Serving Recommendation: 

Gingerbread Old Fashioned


1½ parts Angel’s Envy Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels

¼ part gingerbread demerara syrup

¼ part allspice dram

Angostura Bitters


Combine all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice. Stir and strain into a rocks glass with a single large ice cube.

Recipe from Angel’s Envy 


Hop on, the largest premium spirits marketplace, to grab our top-selling bourbon! Your dad will thank you, your grandfather will thank you, your friends will thank you… basically whoever you drink these with will thank you. Just trust us. 

Cask Cartel is the no. 1 source for all things liquor, premium spirits and alcoholic drinkables.

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