Which of These Liquors Leave You Missing October Already? Cask Cartel Will Fill Your Sorrows

Which of These Liquors Leave You Missing October Already? Cask Cartel Will Fill Your Sorrows

Happy Halloween! To all you haunts getting ready for your evening festivities, are you sad it’s almost over? Or are you ready for November? Either way, what you might be sipping on tonight probably won’t match up to these thematic bottles. Welcome November with Cask Cartel and get any of these three bottles delivered. It’ll match any mood you might be feeling as you decide which costume photo to post.

Blackened American Whiskey

Metallica’s Whiskey collaboration with Dave Pickerell presents Blackened American Whiskey. This is a blend of straight whiskies which is then finished in Black Brandy Casks. It’s spooky, but perfectly fitting for the beginning of November. Whiskey is good any time of the year, but sipping on Metallica’s whiskey makes it all the more friskier. This palate is moderately spicy, with hints of allspice, honey and cloves. Like long, smooth and creamy finish will leave you wanting more. You just might want to save yourself a bottle for any future fall festivities.

Los Azulejos Skelly Anejo Tequila



Halloween might be on its way to a close, but the Day of the Day is just getting started. That’s where Los Azulejos Skelly Anejo Tequila comes into play. The bottle’s design in and of itself is fitting. Made with 100% agave this tequila truly captures what Dia de Los Muertos is all about. The palate presents sweet and savory tasting notes, followed by a smooth finish. A big plus just might be that this bottle is also a perfect decoration once its finished. 

Captain Morgan Apple Smash Rum

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who dressed up in a Disney costume this year? Captain Morgan Apple Smash Rum is not only delightful in taste, it’s a perfect alternative to an apple pie; who wants to make one of those anyways? This fruity rum presents a palate full of the sour-sweet taste of crispy apples. It might just inspire you to go apple-picking this November. The finish is refreshingly spicy, cutting the sweetness. Whether your pirate costume is hitting the closet, or you’re looking for a new activity to fill your time, don’t forget this smashingly good rum.

While the fall season is now firmly hitting November, it’s easy to forget there’s still a month before the December holidays. Instead of dwelling on your gift lists and plans, enjoy the fall season a bit longer. Any of these three liquors are perfect for the post Halloween spirit. You might just want to stay in costume.

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