Father's Day Gifts

17 Bottles That Make Amazing Father's Day Gifts

Top Father's Day Whiskey Gifts Top Father's Day Whiskey Gifts

The perfect Father's Day Gift has never been so easy to find.

Father’s day allows you to show that you appreciate the sacrifices that your father has made for you. However, it can be difficult to find gifts that express these emotions. That’s why we’ve put together 17 great gift ideas that your Dad will love.


1. Whiskey: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon
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The first idea is this great whiskey. It has dark caramel flavours with notes of dark chocolate and oranges. The woody aromas add to the experience provided by this whiskey. That’s why this has been consistently ranked the best whiskeys in the world, based on blind taste tests. This whiskey is one of the best gifts for Dads, you can view and purchase it at: https://caskcartel.com/products/elijah-elijah-craig-barrel-proof-bourbon

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2. Whiskey: Conor McGregor | Proper No. Twelve Irish
Proper Twelve Conor McGregor Father's Day Gift

Conor McGregor is a proud Irishman who knows Irish whiskey. His passion is easy to taste when drinking this blend, which combines the best golden grain and single malt. You can learn more about the mix and purchase it here: https://caskcartel.com/products/proper-no-twelve-irish-whiskey

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3. Tequila: Casa Dragones Joven W/2 Glass
Tequila Father's Day Glass Set

Years of work go into making a tequila that tastes this good. It’s been aged for five years in an oak barrel to provide its award winning flavours. To make this deal even more appealing, this pack comes with two glasses. You can view it online and purchase it here: https://caskcartel.com/products/casa-dragones-joven-tequila-w-2-glass

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4. Whiskey: Glenmorangie the Pioneering Collection Single Malt Gift Set
Whiskey Gift Sets for Father's Day

This offers a wider amount of variety, with four sample bottles. Each of them comes from one of the best whiskey producers in Scotland. This will allow your father to experiment with different tastes, making it the perfect present for Dad. You can purchase it online here: https://caskcartel.com/products/glenmorangie-the-pioneering-collection-single-malt-gift-set-1

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5. Moonshine: Sugarlands Shine Legends (5) Mini Jars
Father's Day Moonshine Gift Sets

Another great gift for your father is this pack which contains 5 jars of moonshine. While the flavours may vary, the high-quality of these items will not. You can check it out online here: https://caskcartel.com/products/sugarlands-shine-5-mini-jar-stocking-stuffer

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6. Cognac: LOUIS XIII
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Why not show your father how much you appreciate him with this great bottle of Cognac. It’s been lovingly crafted, resting in barrels that are hundreds of years old to produce its amazing flavours. It also comes in a hand-blown decanter and a stunning gift case. You can purchase this high-quality product online today at: https://caskcartel.com/products/louis-xiii-cognac

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7. Whiskey: METALLICA | BLACKENED American
Metallica Whiskey Father's Day Gifts

If you're looking for cool father’s day gifts, you can’t overlook Blackened whiskey. This is the result of a collaboration between iconic rock and roll band Metallica and master whiskey producers. The whiskey rests in brandy casks for seven years with music by Metallica helping to extract additional flavours. You can purchase this online here: https://caskcartel.com/products/metallica-blackened-american-whiskey

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8. Whiskey: John Rich | Redneck Riviera - Git Down Kit
John Rich Redneck Father's Day Gift

This contains a bottle of one of the best blended whiskeys in America. It also has two packets of delicious beef jerky to pair with it. Your dad is sure to love it. You can get it online here: https://caskcartel.com/products/john-rich-redneck-riviera-get-down-kit

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9. Mezcal: Ilegal Reposado
Father's Day Mezcal Gifts

After being aged for four months in American oak barrels, this Mezcal has a very distinctive flavour. You get a nose of beautiful caramelised pear, followed by butterscotch with hints of vanilla. It’s velvety texture compounds it’s appeal. You can learn more about it here: https://caskcartel.com/products/ilegal-mezcal-reposado

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10. Whiskey: Blood Oath Kentucky Straight Bourbon 2019 Pact No. 5
Father's Day 2019 Limited Release Whiskey

This combines the flavours of eight, 11 and 13 year-old whiskeys. It also comes in an amazing wooden gift box. Your dad will treasure this whiskey. Order it for him here: https://caskcartel.com/products/blood-oath-kentucky-straight-bourbon-whiskey-pact-no-5

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11. Moonshine: Moonshiners | Mark & Digger’s Hazelnut
Father's Day Moonshine

With the aroma of toasted hazelnut and sugar and the flavour of cinnamon and honey combined with an oaky finish, your father will adore this drink. You can learn more about it and buy it here: https://caskcartel.com/products/mark-digger-s-hazelnut-rum

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12. Whiskey: The Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak Single Malt Scotch
Father's Day Scotch

This whiskey has been aged for 13 years. This gives it an unmistakable flavour that whiskey lovers will adore. If your looking for the best father’s day gift, your hunt ends here. Order it online now: https://caskcartel.com/products/the-macallan-18-year-old-sherry-oak-single-malt-scotch-whisky

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13. Whiskey: Horse Soldier Straight Bourbon
Father's Day Gift for Veterans or Soldiers

Aged for eight years to produce the stunning flavours of dark stone fruits and oak this drink will satisfy any father. In addition, it’s produced to honour the Horse Soldiers sent in to fight the Taliban after 9/11. Knowing the true story behind the bottle will make him appreciate it even more. Learn more about this meaningful father's day gift and purchase it online here: https://caskcartel.com/products/horse-straight-bourbon-whiskey

BUY NOW $54.99
14. Whiskey: Yamazaki 12 Year Old Japanese Single Malt
Japanese Whiskey Father's Day Gift

For a more oriental flavour, your father might like this whiskey. Yamazaki was the first company to seriously produce Japanese whiskey for a global audience, giving it it’s distinct flavours. You can view this beautiful bottle and purchase it online on this website: https://caskcartel.com/products/yamazaki-12-year-old-single-malt-whisky

BUY NOW $249.99
15. Whiskey: Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony Limited Edition 2018
Hibiki Father's Day Gift

Marking the 30th anniversary of the iconic Hibiki company, this whiskey combines the best malt and grains whiskeys into one amazing blend. It also comes with an amazing limited edition packaging to make it even more special. Check it out here: https://caskcartel.com/products/suntory-hibiki-japanese-harmony-limited-edition-whisky-2018

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16. Gin: Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice Limited Edition
Hendricks Gin Father's Day Gifts

This is another limited edition alcohol that your father will love. This is the perfect to gin to share with the family as you celebrate your father. You can purchase it online here: https://caskcartel.com/products/hendricks-midsummer-solstice-limited-edition-gin

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17. Whiskey: Cask Cartel Whiskey Ceramic Guitar
Novelty Whiskey Father's Day Gifts

If you want a unique father's day gift idea, then look no further. This is a ceramic cask shaped like an electric guitar. Every time he pours himself a drink he will be reminded of how much you appreciate him. You can view and purchase this gift online now at: https://caskcartel.com/products/cask-cartel-whiskey-ceramic-guitar

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When looking for father’s day gift ideas it can be challenging to find something that will stand out. Hopefully, these unique gift ideas will help you choose a unique present that your father will love. So, choose your favourite and purchase it online today.