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Whiskeys and Films Go Hand-in-Hand for Your Next Night In

Whiskeys and Films Go Hand-in-Hand for Your Next Night In 1

Whiskeys and films go hand-in-hand - they’re easy to watch, much like a good, genuine whiskey is easy to sip on. Whiskey is thematic in nature, they aim to hit your palette with a taste you can feel. In fact, a lot of major beer, liquor and wine companies regularly appear in cinematic films. Here’s a list of some whiskeys that made a pointed appearance in some movies we all love-- and if you haven’t seen one on this list, maybe give it a watch while enjoying their featured whiskey? 

LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003) - Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony


Bill Murray is a classic, and so is the Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony that was featured in Lost in Translation. It’s lifted fruitiness is easy to enjoy while watching a classic film. This movie is a film for lovers, and the couple in the plot line meet in Tokyo, a place of culture, taste and history. Just like the whiskey featured in this film, Japanese taste is fine, sweet and easy to sip on or watch with someone during an evening in.


SKYFALL (2012) - Macallan 18



Just like The Macallan 18 Years Old Triple Cask Single Malt, Skyfall is seductive and James Bond is always a classic. Who doesn’t love a good English drama? Macallan 18 maintains a full-bodied taste, from hand-picked sherry oak casks, giving deep taste notes in each sip. Whether you’re watching Skyfall or just listening to Adele’s amazing feature song, titled Skyfall from this film, drink some Macallan 18 to give your senses a full experience. This is a promise, it won’t disappoint.

TRUE GRIT (2010) - High West Rendezvous Rye

Like all good whiskey, some just need to keep that American taste in mind. True Grit is a great film to enjoy with its featured liquor, High West Rendezvous Rye. True Grit a great film to encounter when you’re feeling the vibes of desert, country landscapes and quiet, ominous tones. This rye gives you taste notes that are truly gritty, best served neat or on the rocks.

While you may have seen these films, much like new-age art is accompanied by music: sometimes movies are best accompanied by a good drink to sip on. Give these films a review if you’ve seen them before with a better intent to engross yourself in taste and story lines. If you haven’t seen one of these films, welcome yourself to the best enjoyment you could have by watching one while you sip a thematic drink alongside.

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