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What to Serve at a Three Course Whiskey Meal

What to Serve at a Three Course Whiskey Meal 0

When someone says tastings, people usually imagine wineries, beer flights and small bites or assorted plates. Whiskey tasting might be something you imagine when you fly to Ireland or visit Kentucky, but whiskey tasting profiles can also be enjoyed at home. With whiskey being so versatile, it might even be a fun trial and error process to try different types of whiskeys with all types of food. For example, a rye is better with certain spices and flavors over a bourbon or whiskey. These next three whiskies listed were specifically paired with a course in mind based on their tasting notes. 


Cheese Plate Appetizer: Cleveland Underground Hickory Wood Finished Bourbon 


Cheese might seem like it calls for a good bottle of wine, but whiskey actually brings out different cheese flavors as well. With both cheese and whiskey being aged and varietal, there are many ways to enjoy their complementary flavors. For Cleveland Underground Hickory Wood Finished Bourbon Whiskey, the dry, tart finish best accompanies either a hard, strong cheese or softer cheese. This specific whiskey’s medium taste profile makes it easy to switch between a couple different cheese options. Spicy whiskies go with hard cheeses (like blue cheese) while softer cheeses are better with lighter, aromatic whiskies. To spice up your cheese plate, try adding sweeter nuts, as they will bring out the tart finish of this whiskey.


Salmon Entree: WhistlePig FarmStock Rye Crop No. 003 Whiskey


Whiskey can be enjoyed with a couple different proteins, and while steak might be the obvious answer, WhistlePig FarmStock Rye Crop No. 003 Whiskey actually pairs with salmon quite nicely. The fruity and spicy palette accompanies the woodsy taste of smoked salmon well. Whether smoked or wood-grilled, salmon holds the taste of its cooking style. Rye whiskies specifically capture salmon’s smoky flavor with bourbon’s sweet and spicy tastes. If salmon isn’t what you're craving, steak has long been established as a great compliment of tastes for whiskey drinkers. For steaks, leaner steaks go well with bourbons, and any smokey whiskey brings out that steak flavor we all crave.


Apple Crumble Dessert: Balcones Barrel and Bottle Select Single Barrel French Oak 


For the finale, what better way to end a meal than with an apple crumble or pie. Balcones Barrel and Bottle Select Single Barrel French Oak Whiskey is a bit sweeter, making it a perfect match for a dessert course. The caramel flavors within the whiskey complement the apple and cinnamon filled bites. If baking isn’t your style, especially after two prior courses, a fail-safe dessert is always chocolate. This may take some experimenting, as with cheese, chocolate is as versatile as whiskey and there a million combinations to try. For Balcones Barrel and Bottle Select Single Barrel French Oak Whiskey, try it with you favorite dark chocolate bar.


Something that makes eating and drinking fun is the way you can share your experience with others. Whether you want to entertain for an entire course-filled meal, or enjoy just one of these food and whiskey pairings, it’ll be something to talk about and taste with friends and family. Try one of these bottles for something truly original for both the paletting of food and drinks and for the genuine authenticity of these specific bottles.