Labor Day Bottles to Enjoy at Any Festivity

Labor Day Bottles to Enjoy at Any Festivity

As we turn again toward the last lingering days of another summer, plan to hit the next gathering with a great bottle from Cask Cartel and finish out the day surrounded by your favorite people. This week’s featured bottles all work great in a cocktail, on the rocks or with a squeeze of citrus. A drink is a drink, some might say, but picking up a little something special helps cement the memories and brings a personal flare to any party. Check out this selection of bottles and grab the one that best fits your plans for the upcoming holiday.


Balcones Barrel and Bottle Select Single Barrel American Oak


Celebrate summer’s last American holiday with none other than Balcones Barrel and Bottle Select Single Barrel American Oak. A Texas single malt aged in American oak barrels, pouring from this bottle is a fitting homage to our country on Labor Day. Whether at a barbecue or a camping getaway, this drink is for sipping while cooking your next meal. With a woody palette, filled with subtle fruit blends, this whiskey stays light on oak flavor. The finish is filled with tasting notes of caramel and the lingering taste of wood.


Fat Ass Blanco Tequila


Fat Ass Blanco Tequila is your bottle of choice if you want to bring a great party gift that’s easy on the eyes and easier on the palette. This tequila is double distilled with slow cooked 100% Weber Blue Agave, giving their small batches amazing flavor. With sweet and fruity tasting notes and a hot and peppery finish, you can enjoy this tequila on the rocks or in any mixed drink. For a flare, try using this tequila in a watermelon you can bring to a picnic or the beach. As Labor Day calls for your last big summer celebration, nothing turns up better than a good bottle of tequila. 


WhistlePig FarmStock Rye Crop No. 002

Distilled from their own grain, aged in custom Vermont White Oak and proofed with their own water, WhistlePig FarmStock Rye Crop No. 002 by WhistlePig is an American dream. This is a blend of 2-year aged Triple Terroir whiskey from WhistlePig farm, 6-year aged whiskey from MPGI in Indiana and 10-year aged whiskey from Alberta Distillers in Canada. This combination was crowdsourced from consumers, influencers and bartenders from all around the USA, ensuring its good taste. This whiskey maintains a full-bodied burst of cinnamon and spices, with subtle fruity tones. With a dry paletted finish, the white pepper and oak tasting notes give way to a long, spice-filled end. Enjoy this full blown American craftsmanship as we celebrate our country’s workers. 

These three liquors are different, yet share the same quality: unique stories and palettes. Whether you’re at the beach slicing up a tequila-filled watermelon, squeezing a lemon into your glass of whiskey next to the barbecue or settling down on the couch after a day of festivities, these bottles capture your Labor Day needs. Give a gift that keeps giving and honor your American heritage with a special liquor bottle for all to enjoy.

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  • Ed Andrzejewski
    Ed Andrzejewski

    ok so what is the taste difference between Rye and Bourbon whiskey ??

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