Specialty Craft Whiskeys You Need To Try

Specialty Craft Whiskeys You Need To Try

While everyone can enjoy the taste of a good whiskey, the appreciation only grows when it’s well-made, unique in flavor and one of a kind. Whether you’re looking for a staple to keep at home for friends and family or an off-the-beaten track special occasion bottle, below are some whiskeys that anyone with a taste for genuine craftsmanship should give a try.


Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea Cask Strength Kentucky Straight Bourbon

If you’re itching for a whiskey that is innovatively aged, Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea hits the mark. This exclusive whiskey ages each batch at sea, a salute to original distilling of Kentucky whiskey. In the early years of Kentucky distilled whiskey, an unintentional extra aging process was discovered due to transporting across rivers. Because the sea travel leaves the whiskey in constant movement, there is more contact with and flavoring from the wood from their barrels. Jefferson’s found a niche by capitalizing on this extra aging process and barrelling this whiskey at sea. Each batch travels at different times of the year, through different areas of the world, allowing for one of a kind taste in each new batch you buy, even if you never leave your corner of the world.

Read about your future bottle’s ocean voyage’s here.

Barrell Craft Infinite Project Whiskey 02-12-18

While trying a new bottle and experiencing its flavors is worth the treat, everyone needs a staple whiskey to enjoy all year. Named the Best American Whiskey of 2018 in Forbes, Barrell Craft Spirits boasts a whiskey you know you’ll love anytime. And while each bottle has its own array of undertones for you to taste, any bottle you buy will be easy to enjoy. Founder Joe Beatrice was inspired by Scotland’s independent bottlers, Beatrice began blending exceptional casks and giving consumers a chance to taste whiskey straight from the barrel. Each blend allows variety, giving an exciting new twist for whiskey lovers to enjoy. Highly rated by Whisky Advocate, if you try one batch and stick to it, it’ll be just as consistent as ordering a new blend from Barrell Craft Spirits each time you’re ready to re-up your staple bottle.

To get started one which bottle to try first, here is a list of award-winning whiskeys you can narrow down.


Belle Meade Madeira Cask Finish Bourbon

This final whiskey is both a staple bottle and purely unique because of its dessert-like finish, which you’ll want to taste again and again. Belle Meade Madeira Cask Finish Bourbon is adored for its caramel, dark chocolate, cherry and mint notes. Like any good wine drinker needs to show off a good port, this bourbon gives whiskey lovers a taste to enjoy after dinner. This bourbon is finished in a special cask, from Malmsey-styled wine on the island of Madeira, known for its depth and complexity of honeyed flavors from a “cooked” fortified aging process. This bourbon gives the palette a distinguished experience that you’ll keep craving and will enjoy sharing with others.

If this rare type of aging process and flavoring piques your interest, here is a more in depth scope.

One of the most enjoyable parts of having a taste for craftsmanship whiskey is just how versatile each new bottle you try can be. Whether you want a niche bottle aged at sea, a staple blend for anyone’s taste buds to enjoy or a special treat to finish an evening with, these whiskeys are worth a try.

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