David Nicholson Reserve Bourbon — A More Than Suitable Alternative to Henry McKenna 10-Year Single Barrel

David Nicholson Reserve Bourbon — A More Than Suitable Alternative to Henry McKenna 10-Year Single Barrel

If you’re a whiskey lover, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Henry McKenna 10-Year Single Barrel Bourbon. The only extra-aged, bottled-in-bond (BIB) single-barrel whiskey in the world, this smokey, spicy bourbon won "Best in Show Whiskey" at the 2019 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the popularity of this highly sought-after spirit has led to a lack of availability — you can’t find this allocated bottle anywhere! Retailers nationwide report that this whiskey sells out almost immediately after it becomes available. Luckily for you, Cask Cartel has an alternative for fans of Henry McKenna’s singular bourbon: David Nicholson Reserve Bourbon.

Cask Cartel is proud to offer David Nicholson Reserve Bourbon, a whiskey that many consider to be the next best thing to McKenna’s signature bourbon. Previously sold mainly in Missouri and Illinois, David Nicholson Reserve has been a well-loved local favorite — until now. The word is spreading about this lower cost, hype-free alternative to the award-winning McKenna. Best of all, David Nicholson Reserve is easy to get your hands on. Cask Cartel has plenty of inventory of this sleeper favorite.

It would be easy to label Nicholson’s bourbon as a low-cost little brother to the McKenna, a “good-enough” substitute in a pinch, but Nicholson has racked up plenty of awards of its own, including the coveted double gold at the 2017 World Spirits, the highest honor awarded at the competition. It also received the distinction of being awarded "Best Straight Bourbon,” with judges saying, “The quality and value of this extra-aged ‘ryed’ bourbon is peerless, making it an obvious choice.”

A 100-proof, high-rye mashbill, Nicholson Reserve balances a sweet honey and vanilla character with underlying smoke and spice tones. It provides a long, smooth finish with notes of oak.

Starting from humble origins, the David Nicholson brand has continuously grown thanks to a combination of hard work and continuous search for perfection. The label is named after its inventor, a St. Louis store owner who created the renowned “43” bourbon before selling the recipe in 1843. Some time after that, Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle began distilling and bottling the recipe. The David Nicholson brand and recipe then remained in the Van Winkle family until the year 2000, when Luxco purchased it. The recipe has remained unchanged for nearly two centuries, having been passed down from generation to generation in the Van Winkle family, and the formula remains unchanged to this day.

If you’ve found yourself intrigued by this everyday drinking bourbon, grab yourself a bottle of David Nicholson Reserve Bourbon for the weekend. Settle down in your favorite porch chair with a good book and start sipping.

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