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Straight From the Cask Single Barrel Whiskey

Straight From the Cask Single Barrel Whiskey 0

According to the Whiskey Wash, private crafted barrel whiskey programs are growing in popularity among new distilleries and producers. One notable craft distillery who is expanding their selection program is Balcones Distilling. Barrel and Bottle is the Deconstruction of Balcones Texas Single Malt, a concept created by David Sweet. Sweet’s concept is to present the true raw forms of select whiskey brands through his unique barrel selection and distilling process

Master distiller and co-founder Jared Himstedt collaborated with Steve in selecting three distinctly unique barrels. The flavor profiles and board diversity were key components to selecting these barrels, not only from the varied terroir of the oaks, but also a range of usage or barrel “re-fills.”

This whiskey is distilled in hand selected barrels and then bottled in custom ceramic bottles. The collection is a truly one-of-a-kind experience for any whiskey lover to sip on. For the first-time ever you can compare the individual components that make up this iconic whiskey. Here are the three different barrels by Balcones Barrel and Bottle and available through Cask Cartel for a limited time:

Balcones Barrel and Bottle Select Single Barrel French Oak

This is the first fill barrel, a single malt whiskey matured in French Oak barrels. The standard Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky is a product of the same whisky matured in barrels from French Oak. The first fill barrel provides a fruity, more spicy flavors with lots of wood and caramel taste. This aromatic whiskey gives a floral yet tangy citrus taste. It’s a delicious combination of flavors, especially for those who love some spice.

Balcones Barrel and Bottle Select Single Barrel Hungarian Oak

Hungarian Oak, or European Oak is the next barrel, aka the second fill barrel production of bottles. This is the smoothest of the three Balcones Distilling whiskeys available through Cask Cartel. This single malt whiskey maintains a deep, rich flavor with oak and sweet notes. As the wood so heavily affects the taste of the whiskey being distilled, the Hungarian/European Oak both flavors this whiskey smoothly with the spicy and sweet undertones. 

Balcones Barrel and Bottle Select Single Barrel American Oak

The final whiskey of this deconstruction collection is the fifth barrel made in American Oak barrels. This single malt whiskey produces a smooth and light flavor of a balanced malt. With subtle fruit and oak undertones, this whiskey gives a scent of pears and candy with just a hint of oak. The burnt caramel and smooth oak finish leaves a delightful little burn after you taste it.

These Balcones Barrel and Bottle select single barrel whiskeys are cask strength and barrel proof. The unfiltered process gives these whiskeys a rich and full flavor. Keeping the intended raw form of straight from the cask whiskey, all three of these whiskeys are a treat to a genuine whiskey-loving palette. With the distillery only a quarter mile from downtown Waco, Texas, these whiskeys are also locally produced and distributed. Located in a neighborhood of abandoned storefronts sits America’s finest new whiskey makers, and you can taste some of their work for a limited time only in this deconstruction collection.